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Website feeds are used to help you keep updated with your favorite sites and services. Modern web browsers like Firefox, Safari, and Flock have good built-in feed readers for viewing and organizing your subscriptions. If for some reason you're trapped in the dark ages of Internet Explorer, or just want a more robust feed-reading experience, Google Reader is a great free online tool. Use the links below to view our feeds and subscribe to them with popular services like Google and Yahoo, or even display NIN feed content on your profile or website. For an overview of feeds and how they work, click here.

nin news feed (xml) - news updates, tour date announcements/changes, major front page and youtube posts, and current flickr images updates feed (xml) - all front page updates

nin youtube videos (xml) - updates any time new videos are posted via the nin youtube channel

nin flickr images (xml) - updates any time new photos are posted via the nin flickr account news (xml) - news updates from official podcast feeds:

newest mixes (xml) (itunes)

highest rated today (xml) (itunes)

highest rated overall (xml) (itunes)

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thousands more customizable nin podcasts can be found and created at to get started, or fore more info about podcasts, visit the 'feeds' section on the remix site.